Wild Ridge Lawn & Landscape

Snow & Ice Management

Experience, Dedication, and Superior Customer Service.

At Wild Ridge Lawn & Landscape we specialize in providing “No Doubt” the best snow removal and ice management services. Our goal at Wild Ridge Lawn & Landscape is to create a safe winter environment on your property. Our services are performed 24/7 to insure your property receives “No Doubt” the best service possible.

Our clients include corporate, retail, industrial, college campuses, government & medical buildings. The prestige of our client list & the retention rate we maintain are a testimony to the quality of our service, the fairness of our prices, and our commitment to making our customers’ properties safe for their employees, clients and customers.

Wild Ridge Lawn & Landscape employs multiple layers of 24-hour electronic and personal monitoring of approaching weather to ensure the fastest possible response time.

Our supervisors and personnel pay special attention to a variety of circumstances and conditions:

  • Intersection vision problems caused by snow piles.
  • North sides of building sidewalks and parking lots.
  • Black ice and Drifting.
  • Special instructions or hours of operation.
  • Precaution to excess salt that could be tracked into building entrances or damage metal framing.
Whether your property has a zero tolerance for snow, or wants service only after 2 inches of accumulation, we offer specialized contracts that let the customer determine at what snow depth they want snow removal and de-icing services.